Main features

Easy application

100% Recyclable

Does not deteriorate upon contact with moisture

It is not toxic (non-toxic)

Thermal comfort

Application Instructions

Step by step

Step 1: Before installing the tubing in the structure, coat the tubes with Multihidro. If tubing is installed, make a longitudinal cut in the Multihydro and apply it.

Step 2: At the ends and in the middle, place a tight plastic strap to make sure the coating is securely attached. If the tubing is installed, cover it with the cut Multihydro by placing adhesive tape at the junction. At the ends and in the middle, place a plastic strap.

Step 3: On the curves, make a cut in the Multihydro tube to facilitate folding and join the ends with a plastic strap and adhesive tape.

Step 4: After cutting and overlapping the Multihydro, join the leftover with the extension of the pipe and secure with a plastic strap.

Step 5: Finish applying the Multihydro, making sure it is correctly coupled so as not to generate an acoustic break along the extension of the pipes.

Step 6: Between environments, apply Multihydro coated pipes so that the pipes do not come into contact with the concrete slab.

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